EFPA launches today its new CPD project in collaboration with Citywire







Dear EFPA colleagues,
It’s my pleasure to announce that 
in collaboration with Citywire, EFPA launches today the new pilot project to help our EFPA certificate holders add to the EFPA accreditation with the Citywire - EFPA Multi-Asset and ETF modules.


These two modules each look respectively at the world of multi-asset investing and  at the ETFs industry, analysing how these two sectors have developed.


The module on multi-assets will illustrate the importance of asset allocation and diversification. It will also compare the growing range of approaches in the multi-asset space and ask a selection of advisers how they have incorporated these products into their propositions. 

Open the CPD e-zine on multi-assets here


Take the test here: multi-assets CPD

The module on ETFs will examine the development of this rapidly growing industry, the regulations surrounding ETFs, and will investigate in practise where a passive approach can shine and how to choose between competing products. Furthermore, this module provide you with the chance to learn from your peers, looking at how they are using ETFs for their client portfolios. 

Open the CPD e-zine on ETFs here

Take the test here: ETFs CPD