PFS-EFPA mutual agreement


EFPA UK to award through PFS (Personal Finance Society) and CII, EFPA certificates to its members

EFPA UK through PFS (Personal Finance Society) will be grating EFPA certificates to its members (circa 20,000 qualifiying members from a total of 37,500 members) starting early 2018.
Based on a national recognition agreeement and following a deep analysis of the curriculum of both UK diplomas and EFPA certifications, it could be assumed that around 18,000 PFS members will engage as EFA (15,000) and EFP (3,000) by the end of 2019. EFPA Board, meeting in Warsaw last December 11th approved the agreeement.
Both PFS and EFPA pointed out that this agreement will provide a wider continental Europe prespective and opportunities to PFS members by holding the EFPA recognition and by beign part of a professional certification body active and present in more than 15 European countries.

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