First EFPA EFA certified advisors in Slovakia


Last year, EFA's first training program took place in Slovakia, involving 14 financial agents to acquire a higher level of professional qualifications at European level.

The European Financial Planning Association has held a professional examination of the EFA - European Financial Advisor certification with the participation of three-member examining committee  including the a representative  of AFISP (Association of Financial Intermediaries and Advisors of Slovakia). For the first time the exams were held on January 8th, 2018 and the first five successful participants succeeded in demonstrating their readiness to perform financial intermediation and advice at the highest professional level in the field of insurance and reinsurance, capital market, retirement provision and ability to create a comprehensive financial plan for an individual and his family.

Let’s share the first feelings and experience of our EFPA pioneers in Slovakia:

Kristina Halasova
The acquired knowledge has helped me to expand my education and expertise in other areas of financial services, and I believe that I will soon turn them into new business opportunities. I receive the first positive feedback from my clients who knew I was preparing for this certificate. In addition to congratulating me to successfully master the certificate, I also feel their increased interest in cooperating with me. Getting a European certificate increases the level of financial intermediation and advice in Slovakia and the trust of our clients in our service.
Tomas Hulala
The benefit of the course was virtually immediate. Already in the first few months I have transferred my new knowledge into the structure of our team work, which led to an increase of our confidence and professionalism. Subsequently it showed also in the growth of our clients, particularly in the field of investment.

Ivica Chacaturianova

The preparatory course provided me with a professional overview of all important areas of the financial market and a better understanding of its context. Preparing for the EFA exam gave me a deeper comprehension of the acquired knowledge and its application in a financial plan. I also appreciate the cooperation and feedback from my classmates who have enthused me the most. I heartily recommend this experience!