EFPA Honorary award to Markus Ferber, MEP


EFPA awarded the EFPA Honorary award to Markus Ferber, MEP
EFPA is happy to announce that EFPA EFA Honorary  ward was granted to Mr. Markus Ferber EMP. The ceremony took place on March 5th 2018 during the Finanzplanner Forum event, in Düsseldorf -Germany.

About Finanzplaner Forum:

Finanzplaner Forum is a network of 5.000 certified financial professionals in Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland, many of them being EFA or very soon EIP in Austria. The network was founded by Prof. Otto Lucius and Mr. Guido Kusters in 2014 to offer continuing education and to help lobbying for certified financial qualifications such as EIP, EFA or CFP.

During the past three years, Finanzplaner Forum has conducted 27 events in Austria and Germany with more than 2.800 attendees. With high ranking speakers coming from FMA, Österreichische Nationalbank and Members of Parliament in Austria as well as from BaFin, Deutsche Bundesbank and political parties in Germany. Also to, Mr. Markus Ferber, EU MP and the MiFID reporter of the EU Parliament, was a guest on the Munich and Vienna events. 

About Finanzplaner Forum Rhein-Ruhr 2018 event:

On the 5th and 6th March 2018 took place the Finanzplaner Forum Rhein-Ruhr 2018 event in Düsseldorf - Germany. Around 200 professionals attended the event.

Venue details:
Hotel Intercontinental
Königsallee 59, 40215 Düsseldorf

For more information on the event, please click on the following link: