EFPA Europe Think Tank 2019 Vienna


EFPA Europe Think Tank 2019 took place on May 8th at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna

The 2019 Think Tank organized in Vienna gathered 12 EFPA affiliate countries with 2 EFPA certificate holders each plus some EFPA guests, to discuss and share, in an international environment, three main workshops: Millenials, Robo advisors and Financial Holistic advice in relation with customers. The schedule of the event included a presentation of each subject plus an open debate.
The debate was Chaired by EFPA BoD Chairman, Prof. Emanuele Maria Carluccio, and EFPA Austria Director, Mrs. Claudia Figland moderated by EFPA SQC Chairman, Dr. Matt Connell. EFPA Executive Manager, Mr. Karim Zouhdi, coordinated the event.
Among many relevant ideas raised and agreed upon during the event, the participants noted the key role of financial advisors to improve the client financial literacy and thus its behavior. Holistic advice was agreed to be a key tool to solve the bias in the costumer behavior.

The participants also recognized the importance of the tools of digital advice to help reducing the potential advice gap, getting a friendlier approach to Millennial.
Most of the countries' representatives understood that the industry deserves a "back to basics" approach, with more transparent methodology but keeping a high level of innovation and personalization through technology.