EFPA Deutschland 10th anniversary


EFPA Deutschland celebrated its 10th anniversary event,
EFPA Deutschland celebrated its 10th anniversary event,
Frankfurt, on June 23rd 2017

Event summary:
  • Certification of new EFA and CFP professionals and Hon\'s
  • Presentation of the winners of the first FPSB Deutschland Award for academic work in the area of financial planning in Germany
  • Review of 20 years of financial advice and financial planning in Germany
  • Welcome notes from Mr. Marc van Poeteren, FPSB Europe, from Mr. Noel Maye, FPSB International Ltd. and from Mr. Josep Soler-Albertí, EFPA Europe Chairman.
  • Speech title: \"Classic cars as an investment\", by Mr. Oliver Grimme, Director Wealth management, Unicredit Deutschland AG
  • Welcome reception
  • Dinner and networking party (starting at 7:30 p.m.)


The event took place at Klassikstadtis, an old industry complex now being used for storing, presenting and repairing Classic Cars and old racing cars. The exhibitions of renown Classic Car stores present their dreams of decades long ago.
Legendary brands as Lamborghini, McLaren and Aston Martin are building a bridge in their showrooms from the past till today. A glass pit lane is located at the 2nd floor, which gives exciting views to the car collections of private collectors.