EFPA certificates awarded with EBTN Triple E accreditation


The EFPA European Financial Advisor (EFA) and the European Investment Practitioner (EIP) certificates have been awarded the Triple E accreditation by EBTN.
The Board of Directors of the European Banking & Financial Services Traning Association have approved the accreditation of the following EFPA certificates:
  • European financial Advisor (EFA)
  • European Investment Practitioner (EIP)
as a Triple E Accredited Qualifications, for meeting the technical requirements of the Standard.

The Triple E Standard is a quality standard for training programs, certifications and Triple E, all qualifications for the European banking and financial services sector. It is a recognition of the quality of qualifications provided by training institution. The EBTN Triple E Standard provides transparency and facilitates a comparison between qualifications both at national and international level. It recognises existing good practices.

This accreditation for both EFA and EIP's EFPA certificates shows the commitment of our association with the high quality standards of our certificates and the technical and academic rigor of our SQC committee. Both certificates are in line with ESMA Guidelines and MiFID2 requirements.