Roberto Rosini

Roberto Rosini

Why am I an EFA, what benefits are there for my clients and for me?

I decided 4 years ago, after 27 years in this job, to embark on the path to EFA, and later to EFP, certification: the necessity to be the best point of reference for every need of my clients, in terms of professionality, knowledge and up to date expertise.

People have to be sure not only of our professionality, but also of our ethics and our honesty: being an EFPA certificate is the simpler and safer way to give people this certainty.

European standards are very high and stringent, they are verified yearly by courses and examinations, so that we can face the market with great awareness.

On the other side it’s very easy for people to find us: in the EFPA website they can easily search the names of the EFPA certificate professionals of their country, or even of their own town, rated by level of certification (EFA or EFP).

There is an other item very important for me: we are becoming a real community. During meetings, congresses and other occasions in which I meet my certificated collegues of all Europe, I feel proud to be part of a group of people who is always working to do their best to help people to reach their life objectives: thanks to EFPA for all this.