Marta Szymczak

Marta Szymczak

Why am I an EFA, what benefits are there for my clients and for me?

One of the most important development activities I have been offered by my employer has been the participation in the EFPA program. Before my participation in it, I had not realized how important and useful my knowledge about banking and – perhaps most importantly – finances was to clients. After the first few sessions of the training course I got a deeper  awareness of the relationships in the financial market, the interactions among its participants, and the needs and potential needs of my clients.

It is also important for me that having received the certificate, I and the other participants belong to the EFPA community. Both the course and the meetings with the EFPA advisors after the course introduced me to many interesting people. As we form a group in the LinkedIn portal and meet once a year during a conference, we can exchange opinions and experiences, as well as support and motivate one other.

The participation in the EFPA program has allowed me to transform myself from a banking consultant to a true financial advisor. My clients also see the difference. They see that I do not only care for meeting their current needs but also for appropriate planning of their financial future.

It takes years to build credibility and reputation among clients. Once lost, it takes by far longer to rebuild that. That is why I believe that every financial institution which wants to build long-term relationships with clients should ‘equip’ its employees with EFPA certificates. It is a true guarantee of quality.