Jiri Kubik

Jiri Kubik

Why am I an EFA, what benefits are there for my clients and for me?

No college will prepare you for the everyday practice in financial consulting. Certificate EFA will. I see this mainly as a prestigious differentiation from other advisers on the market. Clients are becoming more demanding on services and knowledge of advisers.

Current modern technology allows simple search of seemingly the best offer.

My way to increase the people’s confidence in advisory market is by my own education and qualification. I am an EFA certificate holder and it is one of the best options on the market.

Most of all I appreciate two things: the preparation course and the fact that the qualification is not lifelong. It gave me the certainty that I am doing my work right.

Certificate EFA gave me not only experience but also self-confidence. EFPA CR and EFPA Europe by my opinion offers the highest education for practical daily work on the financial market. Clients also get a guarantee that the people who are taking care of them are professionals and have up-to-date information.