Françoise Chagnoux

Françoise Chagnoux

Why am I an EFA, what benefits are there for my clients and for me?

After 15 years of financial planning practice, it was time for me to review my knowledges and competence. Indeed, even if you are graduated from a well-known high school for financial planning, you feel the necessity to challenge yourself. Even if you have updated your knowledges year after year, you appreciate the process of a complete review of your day to day practice.

But moreover, EFPA is not only a way to get a certificate : as a European association, it's a real mean to share information with colleagues from other countries.

As I work mainly with international clients, the European size of EFPA is a real added value for me. I am confident in the capability of this association to create relationship between financial planners of different countries.

It's always a rewarding experience to share information with counterparts about our national markets, our offers and products and of course about client needs and requirements.

This multicultural experience is also profitable for my clients: they feel more at ease with an adviser who understand them better. It also provides me more self confidence by mastering some countries' particularities. Financial planning is a tough job and when you add an international aspect, it's of course tougher. The support of EFPA members is highly welcome.