Brief Presentation

EFPA is the largest and most respected professional licensing, standard setting and certification body for financial planners and financial advisors in Europe and was the first European financial standards association created for the purpose of increasing professionalism in the European financial services sector.

With more than 60 European universities, banking and insurance institutes currently accredited by EFPA’s wholly autonomous Standards and Qualifications Committee (SQC) [to offer the EFPA European Financial Advisor and EFPA European Financial Planner Core Competence Framework], EFPA is a center of the financial services educational framework regarding the training of banking, insurance and independent financial advising personnel in Europe.

All examinations which may result in certification by EFPA are independently audited and accredited by either the EFPA Standards and Qualifications Committee (SQC) and with the assistance of National independent scientific committees responsible for accreditation in their respective countries.