Mission & Vision

The mission of the European Financial Planning Association is to set, promote and implement high quality standards for competence and ethical behavior for the financial advisory sector throughout Europe, benefiting the profession, financial firms and clients.

EFPA offers the EFPA European Financial Planner™, EFPA European Financial Advisor™, EFPA European Investment Practitioner™ and EFPA European Investment Assistant™ professional certifications as the best recognized, respected and highest quality designations available in Europe: we will continue to provide the full range of financial advisory, professional education programs, continuous development programs and other services relevant to the Association’s members and the sector’s needs, nationally and throughout Europe.

Our vision is that general public could and our customers could benefit from competent, reliable and transparent advice from trusted, certified financial advisers and planners in Europe and beyond. The advisers will have the knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes required to serve as financial trustees for the clients’ finances.